why the cassowary?

Why the Cassowary? I spent five years working at the Queen's Foundation, directing the Global Christianity Programme. I discovered that the Methodist seminary which preceded Queen's - Handsworth College - had a cassowary on its official Coat of Arms and the adjacent street in north Birmingham was named Cassowary Street. It is still a bit of a mystery how a large flightless bird from Australia and Papua New Guinea ended up in a Brummie suburb, but it may have had something to do with Punch magazine and the number of Handsworth graduates who ended up in the mission field. In honour of that history, we adopted the cassowary as a symbol of our programme and I have had a strange fondness for the creature ever since! It reflects, I hope, my love for the World Church and especially that part of it called Methodist. I am a member of the World Methodist Council, and a member of the Coordinating Group of MTSE, the Methodist-related Theological Schools in Europe. 

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