Modern Means of Grace

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the Wesleyan theological heritage, and particularly John Wesley's thinking about the Means of Grace. I am not sure how much British and Irish Methodists engage with the Means today, or whether they think it is a relic best left in the past.

One of the Means that Wesley maintained and called on the early Methodists to follow was the act of fasting twice a week. There were a number of reasons for maintaining the practice, not least its Biblical basis. Yet, beyond chocolate and booze during Lent, Vegan January, or the 5-2 diet, I am not sure many of us have grasped the spiritual value of going without.

As Lent approaches, and the temperature of debate with the British Methodist Church rises in the run-up to the debate on Marriage and Relationships at the Methodist Conference in June, perhaps we should try some 'electronic fasting'. Read more at: