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An African Voice

How often do I hear, when leading conversations about same-sex relationshiops in the Church, one (white) participant exclaim: 'What about the Africans?' When gently challenged, said advocate usually has not consulted any particular African Christian but is sure that 'they' all think the same. When further challenged about how they incorporate the views of African Christians into their thinking about other issues, there is often the admission that they don't.

'The Africans' has become a way for some white conversative Christians to employ white guilt to prevent change in Western Churches. It is nothing short of neocolonialism, once again exploiting people in other continents for the advantage of the privileged. That's why it was good to read the article from Albert Otshudi Longe about the upcoming General Conference of the United Methodist Conference. The behaviour described is shocking and a wake up call for any who choose to engage in such tactics. I thoroughly recommend it to you:

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