Conference Bites 3 - more Presidency

Last week, I wrote about how I thought the changing of the titles within the Presidency might give people a better sense of the collaborative nature of the offices within it. I want to do further in order to make the 'significant part in the leadership of the Church' that the Presidency plays much more effective. Here goes:


Change the way nominations for the offices are sought. Currently, we ask for ten members of the Conference (five ministers and five others) to sign the nomination forms. This means that 'Conference old-timers' - those well-known to other members of the Conference - have a huge advantage over others, especially in the election of the Vice-President.

My suggestion is to retain the need for ten nominations, but these but come from District Synods or Circuit Meetings. To ensure parity, those putting themselves forward could write their reasoned statement (possibly longer than the current meagre 200 words) and have them put together in a booklet sent to all Spring Circuit Meetings and Synods for nomination.

This would serve two key purposes - a wider range of candidates could emerge, including those from outside the Conference 'bubble'; and the wider membership of the Church would have a direct input into the election of the leadership and a better knowledge of who was running.


Currently the President and Vice-President offer a blog on the Methodist website and reports to the Methodist Council. Since the Council meetings are not open to the wider Methodist public through live streaming (why is that?) a very few of us get to hear their reflections.