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It still amazes and humbles me that people from all over the world are reading my blog. In places I have never visited like Senegal and Colombia, people are taking the time to read what I write in a language other than their own.

Thanks to facebook and twitter, I get to hear from some of those who read the posts, but am aware that many, many do not. I would love to know more about who you are and how I can improve my writing. Your ideas on what I should be writing about would be much appreciated as we begin another year together.

So whether you are reading this in Fiji or Fort Worth, Ghana or Greece, Argentina or Aylebury (you know who you are!), please can I ask you to take a couple of minutes to feed in the feedback form on the site? I want to hear your thoughts and begin a proper conversation in 2019 about things that matter to you, me and all of us.

Thanks again and have a peaceful and plentiful New Year!


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