Look, no mitres!

Since I wrote the original post, the Church of England General Synod have discussed and voted on the report. It has passed, albiet with much less than unanimity. Having listened to the debate, here are some additional thoughts:

1. Any language about unity that talks about the Methodists 'coming home' is patronising and ignores the two centuries of traditions that have grown in the time since separation. It also implies that the Church of England is not in need of any correction.

2. The term 'bearable anomaly', though it might be technically correct, is highly offensive; a more inclusive term is desperately needed.

3. A lot has been said about what the Methodists 'lost' in separation. What did the Church of England lose and what is it gaining by full communion with the Methodists now?

4. Any agreement about presbyteral ministry (inclusing the office of bishop) affects a tiny proportion of the Churches. Unless there is significant work on lay ministries, including the office of Vice-President, and the Diaconate, the scheme is seriosly flawed.

5. There is no mention of how relationships with other Methodist Conferences will be affected by this move and this needs to be addressed.

6. Any moves that seek to dilute the Catholic Evangelical Arminian Theology is a selling of our birthright and must be resisted at all costs.

Written on 7th February: