Community of Methodist & Wesleyan Churches in Europe

On Sunday 10 September 2017, at Wesley's Chapel in London, the leaders of the member Churches of the European Methodist Council officially signed the Agreement of the Community of Methodist and Wesleyan Churches in Europe:

In 1993, the "European Methodist Council" was founded with the aim to include all the churches of a Methodist or Wesleyan tradition in Europe, and united churches in Europe that have inherited the Methodist or Wesleyan tradition. The European Methodist Council exists to:

  • Enable member churches to consult together on matters of common concern;

  • Enable a stronger Methodist witness in Europe;

  • Enable member churches to share resources with one another, as the need may arise;

  • Enable member churches to be more adequately represented in ecumenical and secular bodies;

  • Enable member churches to share with other ecumenical partners in Christian mission in Europe;

  • Co-ordinate existing co-operative Methodist work in Europe;

  • Offer advice to member churches.

The membership and the rights and duties are as defined in the constitution.

Recognising the purpose of the Council, we the member churche