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Art for Anxious Times

I'm no art critic, but I have found, through art, a new language without words that helps to articulate struggles with mental illness. So I've decided to share some of the pieces that have helped me during the lockdown period. The first is Pink Crucifixion, a provocative 21st painting in the Methodist Modern Art Collection. I hope it helps.

What's TRU (Tues Round-UP) this week?

It’s that time of the week again when I share some of the stuff that caught my attention over the last week or so. I want to begin with a fantastic TV programme that my partner and I are huge fans of. Ride upon the storm is a Danish series set around the lives of a Lutheran priest’s family in Copenhagen. Like most of the television emerging from the Nordic region, it is devastatingly honest and open in its portrayal of the entangled lives of the characters. This is definitely not The Vicar of Dibley; it's not even Rev.! At the centre of the family is Johannes, a deeply complicated man for whom the burden of tradition, both receiving it and passing it on, is crushing his soul. Those closest

Tuesday Round-Up

My first Tuesday Roundup of stuff that's caught my eye recently.

Let me be employed for you ... A question of vocation

I didn’t realise until yesterday that International Workers’ Day on 1st May started in the aftermath of a protest in the United States. Known as the Haymarket Massacre, a peaceful protest in Chicago in the late 19th century, campaigning for an eight-hour working day, was bombed, killing and injuring many police and protesters. I grew up during the Cold War, and remember the grandiose May Day parades beamed from Red Square in Moscow, then the capital of the Soviet Union and the centre of international Marxist-Leninism. As members of the Politburo looked on, battalions of goose-stepping troops and huge missile launchers made their way past Lenin’s tomb to demonstrate the power of the workers’

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