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The Lectionary for today in the Methodist Prayer Handbook suggested John 15:17-27 as the reading. It’s a powerful text about hatred and a prediction on the lips of Jesus about what will face his followers once he has gone. It is also the Feast of Saints Simon and Jude, one of whom was sawn in two and the other became associated with lost causes. Like the rest of those who accompanied Jesus from the early days, their lives were cut short in gruesome ways. Hate is such an ugly word and one that is often offensive to the average Christian’s ear. ‘Love the sinner; hate the sin’ is a slogan used by those who oppose same-sex relationships because of their reading of Scripture, even though it has n

By the Grace of God

The new film by Ozon, By the Grace of God, provokes some thoughts of the nature of confidentiality in and beyond the confessional.


Some reflections on personal and organisational loss.

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