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Changing Methodism

Just wanted to let you know that the presentation I made to the Methodist Social Activists' Network is now available! Just click here to watch it


This week is the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in the centre of Beijing. Like most of us in 1989, I was captivated by the wave of protests and democracy struggles that swept across Europe and the world that year. After decades of stalemate in the Cold War, in the space of that year Solidarity won elections in Poland, the Berlin Wall was breached and Chile moved decisively to remove the dictator, General Pinochet. Hope was breaking out all over and it felt like our generation’s 1968 moment. Then the tanks of the Chinese People’s Army rolled in and the voices of hope and freedom fell silent. The image of a single individual, shopping bags in hand, standing in the way of a c

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