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(dis-)United Methodists?

In February 2019, at a special called session of the General Conference will meet in St Louis, Missouri, the United Methodist Church will try to reach a decision about the inclusion of LGBTQ+ people. This conversation has been going on within the UMC since 1972. Revd Lisa Beth White articulates well the nature of the anxiety surrounding this meeting in her blog: ‘The Hopefulness of Mission’ In so many ways, I agree with this analysis. The Church does not, in the end, belong to Christians and so, its future is not ours to decide. Anxiety is often a result of a feeling of a loss of control, but reminding ourselves that we never had it might help us through. However, I am still left a little tr


‘Don’t be too forward,’ was advice I was often given as a child. I grew up in a part of the world where we thought the English were brash and assertive, and where ‘whatever you say, say nothing’ came naturally. This cultural reticence was often compounded by a working class culture that thought it wise to allow others to speak first, if only to let you know what was expected. Waiting to be asked was not only polite - it prevented any idea of boasting or public humiliation. Both culture and class conspired to leave me with an often chronic lack of self-confidence. Education, travel, living in a different culture, faith, have all played their part in helping me to see the limitations of my upb

A little break

Thank you so much for reading my blog over the last few months. I have been touched by the feedback, both on this site, via social media and in person. This is just to let you know that I am taking a little break for the next couple of weeks and will back properly in September, hopefully with a new series of blogs entitled: 'A Christian take on Brexit'. Rest well, O weary ones, and keep in touch! Many thanks, Sam

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