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Enough equality?

In 2013, while the UK Parliament was legislating for same-sex marriage for England and Wales, Bishop Eric Brown uttered the famous phrase 'enough equality' when referring to gay rights. He argued that LGBTQI+ people should be satisfied with civil partnerships and not be afforded marriage recognition by the State. Yesterday was International Human RIghts Day, so it is important to ask whether there can ever be enough equality - can something less that total equality be acceptable? Since the International Declaration for Human Rights was promulgated on 10 December 1948, huge strides have been made in the field of human rights. International law has evolved and has begun to hold leaders and oth


Do we live in a post-cynical age? As previous certainties crumble around us, and political and economic orthodoxies succumb to their own hubris, are we experiencing an era of 'overtrust'? GK Chesterton said that it wasn't the case that when people stopped believing in God, they believed in nothing. The problem was that they'd believe anything. It feels that we are living through an age of post-belief that has allowed the rise of incredible (literally) and potentially dangerous ideas. At the Sarum Colloquium on Facilitating Faith Organisations last week, the Susanna Wesley Foundation (SWF) brought together a range of thinkers and practitioners to identify and discuss the main challenges facin

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