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The dangers of nostalgia

I wish I was in Harare today! I visited the city a couple of years ago at the invitation of a Church leader and, despite the gross mismanagement of the government, there was still a huge reservoir of hope among the people. I expected to find a population worn down and worn out by hyperinflation, croneyism, state-sponsored violence and intimidation and the ravages of HIV/AIds. The Zimbabwean people have endured so much and yet retain a sense of humour second to none. Why is it then that Robert Mugabe lasted so long and is still being fêted across Africa? The answer lies in colonialism and its continuing legacy. For Zimbabweans, this is still fresh in the memory, since independence and majorit

On this day ...

77 years ago this morning, the people of Coventry woke up to see the destruction of Operation Moonlight Sonata. In eleven hours, five hundred bombers had pummelled the city, destroying the Anglican cathedral and the market hall, along with factories and homes. Over five hundred people lost their lives that night. For those called to preach on Remembrance Sunday in this city, we do so in the embers of that destruction. I was asked to lead worship for Earlsdon Methodist Church in the city on Sunday morning and these are some of the thoughts I shared: Memory is a funny thing. Sometimes it plays tricks on us. It makes us believe that things in the past were not quite as bad as we thought they we

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