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Tearing down walls - IAMSCU blog#3

I admit that sometimes stereotypes get the better of me. This is especially true when it comes to Americans. I hear the accent and almost immediately a whole range of assumptions flood my mind and begin to put me on edge. I assume the person I'm speaking to is: - right wing, or at least conservative - anti-LGBT rights - anti-immigration - pro-free market captialism - lacking in global awareness. It's prejudice, of course, and I should own it and repent of it. I should not be surprised that the theme of our Conference, meeting in Mexico, is so prophetic and even radical. Many North Americans have been instrumental in setting up this IAMSCU Conference, the theme of which was decided before any

Breath-taking - IAMSCU blog#2

I wasn't convinced. The conference warned us about the altitude: Puebla is 7000 ft above sea level but I thought it would be barely noticeable. How wrong I was. After a very short walk up the street, I fond myself gasping for breath and feeling like an old man or a heavy smoker. Puebla really does take your breath away! The last 36 hours have been spent acclimatizing to the altitude and the surroundings and trying to finish off presentations. I'm not sure how successful I was at either. But the principal joy (and purpose) of these gatherings is not the surroundings or the official presentations - though Popocatepetl is pretty amazing! It is the chance to renew acquaintances and deepen frien

The Inbetween

About five years ago, I had a wobble. Despite having flown many times since the age of sixteen - and living on a different island from my family, thereby necessitating air travel - I began to get very anxious about it all. I started to feel real anxiety when I boarded an aircraft and it remained throughout the flight. I really feared that I would be grounded for the rest of my life. Then I got a job that meant a lot more air travel than normal. Thankfully I had been through major root canal treatment a few years before that took place over several weeks, and I had to learn to talk myself out of my anxiety through a bit of mindfulness. It worked again with air travel, for which I thank God. G

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