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Getting our House in order?

I first wrote most of this post in 2007 - yes, 2007! Little did I suspect that nothing substantial would have been achieved nearly nine years later. I am disappointed that none of the Parties have made any substantial moves on this, despite the widespread agreement and the manifesto commitments. Constitutional reform was a central plank of the Labour Party’s policy platform since coming to power in 1997. Yet, despite many advances in this agenda – successful devolution achieved for Scotland and Wales, burgeoning regional government for London, removal of the majority of hereditary peers from the House of Lords – there is a feeling that the programme ran into the buffers. Devolution for the E

Changing Methodism ... one blog at a time

As I have a long train journey ahead of me, it gives me the time and space to think aloud. Some of the stuff I write now has been kicking around inside my head for some time and perhaps now is the time to give it an airing. I recognize that reforms in the Methodist Church in Britain will not appeal to everyone who reads my blogs and for this I beg your indulgence. For the rest, please feel free to comment and critique. This is the first of what I hope will be three separate posts about aspects of life in the British Methodist Connexion. This one relates to leadership and how we appoint those who lead us. Up to now we have had two quite separate processes. For lay positions, what we term ‘Con

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