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dreams of a new normal in South warks

There is much talk around of a 'new normal' emerging as a result of the current restrictions caused by Covid19. People everywhere are wondering how (and if) life will be different when we return a more normal pattern of life and work. Will we be kinder, more attentive to those who care for us or keep us safe or provide us with essentials? Will our work-life balance be better, or our environment cleaner? 

How will church be different when all this is over? How will be think about our buildings, the worship we offer, what matters most in supporting our Christian faith and life? Are we hoping to return to 'business as usual' or is this a chance to shape a 'new normal', a different way of being church that offers us (and others more)? 


As we wait for the easing of restrictions and a return to our premises, I want to encourage everyone to dream dreams and catch visions of what might be possible in the future. I am interested in your thoughts and feelings about what this will mean for your local church and, if appropriate, your Circuit as a whole.


This survey is intended as a tool for use by the members, ministers and supporters of Churches in the South Warwickshire Methodist Circuit to assist you to reflect on your own church-life before and after the current lockdown. There is no right answer and all the responses will be received and collated locally in order to form the basis of a short report. No comments will be attributed to individuals and all responses will be treated in confidence by those who receive them. 


Watch the introductory video and click below to find out how to use the resource.  

The Survey

Click below to go to the Survey set up for South Warwickshire Methodists. 

Dreams of the New Normal - Booklet

Please feel free to download this booklet to accompany survey tool. 

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