Welcome to cassowary.eu, my personal website where I share my latest

thinking and writing about a wide range of topics, from reconciliation to

mission, Methodism to politics and everything in between!


I'm currently a Methodist minister (presbyter) working in the English

Midlands and as Research and Partnerships Officer at the Susanna Wesley

Foundation at Roehampton University in London. I'm originally from Ireland,

so there will be a bit of that on here too!


I am also an activist, working for justice, peace and reconciliation at home

and overseas. I am a member of the Corrymeela Community and the British

Labour Party.

Please enjoy my website which gives more information about my work and writing, as well as my blog, 'Flagging Faith'. Feel free to get in touch through here or via facebook or twitter or researchgate

PLEASE NOTE: All the views expressed here are my own and do not represent those of my Church or anyone else who employs me. 

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